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History of BOUT and BOTS

The original Korean version BOUT was released on April 2005 for the PC. Originally the game should have been released in July 2004 on the Xbox [PDF], but has been later ported for the PC. After some success in Korea, Acclaim Games got the license to globalize the game. They changed the name to BOTS and released this on April 2006.

In April 2008 N-Log was bought by Kid 'N Kid and has ceased further development for BOUT. HanGame officially shut down BOUT on 18. September 2008.

After the closure of the original game, Acclaim Games didn't get the source code for BOUT and couldn't update the game. Soon Hackers started to cheat ingame. An unfinished emulator of BOUT Evolution, has been leaked in the official Forums. This has been used as a base for a new private server by the Hackers. After the opening of their private server, soon they started to crash the BOTS servers to make people move to their new private server. It later got closed by a Cease and desist order by Acclaim Games.

Acclaim Games has been bought out by Playdom and all games including BOTS closed down on 27. August 2010. Two private servers for BOTS currently exist.

About BOUT Evolution

BOUT Evolution is a private server of the now closed BOTS. It is the same game as BOTS but with additional features that were only in the Korean game including: level cap at 110, Season 2 items, etc. It is currently in Open Beta, so anyone can register.


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