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The Patch model, a retrofitted construction robot, is one of the three bot types in BOUT and fulfills the warrior role of most MMORPGs. It emphasizes a balance of general damage output and defense, with high basic attack and HP. Its parts offer trans-attack, trans-defense and critical bonuses.

It has an ever-ready 'boxer' stance with its fists raised and mainly attacks with its fists, using punches. Many of its parts resemble or have visual motifs of construction equipment.


Possessing strong physical power, Patch was originally designed as heavy construction machinery. But later it was remodeled as combat machinery.



  • The Patch series was originally known as the HyperSuit - thus the prefix for its files within the game engine is hs.
  • Patches are affectionately referred to as 'fatties' by some players.
  • The bored emotive for the Patch has been jokingly likened to The Matrix due to the resemblence of its exaggerated yawn to a famous scene in which Neo dodges a number of bullets.
  • The name 'Patch' is likely a reference to its original purpose of construction. A 'patch', in software, typically refers to a small-size installation to add content, fix errors or resolve issues within a program.

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