The Ram model, a versatile combat machine, is one of the three bot types in BOUT. In terms of role, it seems to function as the 'magician', 'monk' or 'summoner', due to it being largely focused on highly powered up transformations. Its parts offer transformation based stats - transformation speed, transformation gauge and special transformation.

Rams have the most humanoid appearance of the three bots, with a distinctly human body structure, standing on two legs, while its arms are in assymetrical configuration - its dominant right is exclusively used for attacking and are typically varying forms of blades or blunt weapons, while its other arm remains a fist that is replaced by the gun. It has a number of insectoid motifs in many of its part designs.


Created on the concept of an insects' adaptability. Using its unique arm, Ram is a multi-task machine with hidden weapons and quick attacks.



  • The original name for Ram was geren, hence its prefix codes for its files is gr.
  • Rams have the longest idle animation cycle.
  • Ram is the only bot type that does not have a virus and mercenary counterpart.
  • Rams are the most human-like in appearance, which is one of the most commonly cited reasons for new players to select them.
  • Certain arms for the Ram have the structure of the shoulder and fist reversed, so that when a gun is equipped the shoulder is missing but the fist continues to protrude from the gun.
  • While the Hammerhead and Spiker were commonly seen in promotional material, Rams do not appear to have a particular 'promotional' set and thus do not have a 'definitive appearance' unlike Surges and Patches.
  • The name 'Ram' is most likely a reference to random access memory (RAM) in a computer.

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