Sector is the main mode of BOUT Evolution. There are 32 maps ranging from level 1 to level 98. The goal of this mode is to defeat all the enemy viruses and defeat the boss of the sector. You can team up to 8 players. Every enemy kill have chance to drop an Field Packs, Chests or Boxes

If you have an coin mercenary equipped in the first merc spot, you can use him in sector mode. The mercenary can be spawned three times in a single round.

There are also elite levels. They end with the number 8 and are copies of already existing sectors. They have harder viruses and give more EXP and Gigas than their normal counterpart.


1 - 9

10 - 19

20 - 29

30 - 39

40 - 49

50 - 59

60 - 69

70 - 79

80 - 89

90 - 99



EMP Pack

Upon touching the item, a shockwave is emitted that will deliver knockdown to nearby viruses, afterwards leaving them stunned for a few seconds.

Ammo Charge Pack

Bullet Recharge pack 2
Upon touching the item, a player will gain three rounds of ammo for use with his or her projectile weapon(only if one is equipped)

Trans Up Pack

Upon touching the item, the player's transformation gauge will be filled completely. A transformed player who touches a Trans Up pack will just as effectively have their transformation bar filled, still retaining their transformed state.

HP Up Pack

HP Up pack
Upon touching the item, the health of the player who touched the HP Up pack is completely restored.

Big-Bang-BombUpon touching the item, an explosive force was unleashed that dealt heavy damage to nearby viruses

Rebirth Pack

Rebirth pack
Upon touching a Rebirth pack, the health of all players in the current game is restored and all defeated players are revived in the spot where the Rebirth pack was obtained.


Golden Chest

When you pickup this drop you will recive an Gold bar that is inside. You can sell it to the shop for an small acount of coins and gigas.

Golden Chest

Gold bar (1)

Gold bar (3)

Gold bar (6)

Gold bar (1)

Gold bar (3)

Gold bar (6)

  • 5 coins
  • 100 gigas
  • 10 coins
  • 500 gigas
  • 15 coins
  • 1000 gigas


Red Box

Also called the Parts Box, this box contains arm (+), head (+) or body (+) part.

Red Box

Yellow Box

Also called the 1st Gear Box, this box contains gun (+), mini-bot (+) or E.F. (+) gear

Brown Box

Blue Box

Also called the 2nd Gear Box, this box contains shield (+) or shoulder (+) gear

Blue Box

Blue-Green Box

Also called the Coin Gear/Trial Gear Box, this box contains trial coin head, trial wing, trial 2th flag, trial coin mini-bot or coin guns

Light Blue Box

Blue-Violet Box

Also called the Mercenary Box, this box contains mercenaries for 3 days. This box is removed out the game because the mercenary drops made for it didn't work.

Purple Box

Red-Violet Box

Also called the Transformation Box, this box contains transformation packs

Pink Box


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  • Virus(5 C, 10 P)

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