The Surge model, a combat robot, is one of the three types of Bots in BOUT. In terms of role, it appears to be intended as an 'assassin' or 'archer', featuring high movement speed, but lower damage and overall HP. Its parts offer evade, movement speed and ranged bonuses.

It has a passive stance, simply levitating with its arms down on a hover unit that glows bright blue. It slashes with bladed arms, which are described as containing lasers. Many of its parts have sleek, bladed or angular designs.


Designed only for combat purposes, Surge can smoothly move around on any kind of terrain by its antigravity cyber core. It uses powerful laser attacks to penetrate heavy metals.



Surge head
  • The original name for Surge was Azonas, hence its prefix code for its files used by the engine is az.
  • Surges are widely accepted as the most capable bot type in versus modes.
  • Though the selection description as mentioned above mentioned lasers, this is misleading as Surge does not actually use lasers, though the effects on its attacks imply a form of energy is being used to strengthen the strike.
  • The Spiker set Surge is considered a poster-icon and was used in the original 3D rendered promotional video for BOUT.
  • Most of the surge armours seem to have a light gray color scheme.

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