Note: Kowbat, Karate Bot, RaigaZERO, DigiEvolution, Archangkheus and Code=Red are banned in compitive mod. However it's still possible to get Kowbat and Code=Red with special transformation.

Tier 1Edit

  • Kowbat (best hitboxes, period. can take players from full hp to dead if they have any evade, through continually evade locking them with jump attack whilst dealing damage. newbs using this can still be easily blocked, but a true pro will destroy you with it when chasing you whilst you're untransed. trans v trans it's not actually that great, but that's not necessarily why you'd get it anyway)
  • Karate Bot (doesn't get block glitched, which is why it makes tier s. the hitboxes are crazy, but it handles badly imo)
  • Code=Red (ridiculous hitbox, the 360 degree jump attack means you can sidewind someone from literally in front of them. it can catch other players VERY quickly due to the nature of its hitboxes. On a side note, players don't block in the right spots and/or at the right times against this trans at all, so make it even easier to defeat them)

Tier 2Edit

  • Overrunner (harder to learn to handle than lan/khanz, this trans shines above in other places. it's got a ridiculously fast block/unblock time in comparison, its jump attack is placed better imo, which makes for better chasing, hence for me it outstrips lanman for top of tier A)
  • Lantern Man (has a walking jump attack, which places it above SKZ. a solid all rounder trans, easy as hell to handle)
  • KhanZ (only thing wrong with it is the walking jump attack. Otherwise, it's literally the same trans as lanman with minor differences. combo speed is faster, hitboxes are essentially the same except 4th combo hit from lanman pushes upwards more)
  • Ice Kong (has a fun jump attack, nothing really bad about it. a solid trans)
  • RaigaZERO (speed boost is what puts it in tier a, plain and simple. +hit and run capability. +catching ability. Sadly, the trans itself is somewhat lacking.. may still go down a tier, unsure.)
  • Digievolution (digidragon on roids.. the +TG is what manages to make it into this tier, used effectively it can get you an extra 1k damage or so on a non-TD surge/ram. can still be easily block glitched except in the case of tricky, but otherwise not really a commonly used trans by top tier pvpers)

Tier 3Edit

  • Blaster (epic jump attack range, but can easily be block glitched against sadly. doesn't have many other redeeming features)
  • Archangkheus (doesn't quite have the jump attack for tier a, but the TD boost is particularly nifty - could be interesting having a 110 +5 patch with Arch + TA set)
  • RedTeam (we should know RT by now considering how much focus has been placed on it in the past)
  • Lady Valor (her jump attack is just slightly too awkward for tier A, plus she slows down massively when jumping. a good trans nonetheless, but requires lots of practice)

Tier 4Edit

  • Xabaras
  • Digidragon (we all know digi. Block > digi.)
  • Double edge (nothing special, but not exactly horribad either)
  • Dark Knight (fast block time, fast combo time, not much else going for it)
  • Death Hunter (hard to handle, but can be deadly if used well)

Tier 5Edit

  • Frosty (too slow to be of great use)
  • Mega-BOT (apart from its jump attack which is pretty good, this thing utterly fails)
  • White Knight (timed jump attack, nothing special about it imo except combo speed)
  • Mandragore (too slow, a good surge can outrun this for breakfast. does get epic chains, has good block timing and great 123 combo speed, but that doesn't matter when the only thing you'll catch are other rams)
  • GoldBot (bad version of SKZ, simply)
  • MechaLion (just not very good all round)
  • Melissa (again, slow trans, horrible with almost everything, but can do jumps no other trans can, so CAN be useful sometimes)
  • General Scourge (do I even need to explain anything?)


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