'Born of the secret Evolution Project, this enhanced version of DigiDragon is much more ferocious.'
Icon Digivolution slot
Type Super-Trans
Basis DigiDragon
Cost 1 Day - 105 Coins
3 Days - 600 Coins
7 Days - 330 Coins
1 Year - 1365 Coins
Bonus stats TATK +65~+90
TG +100
CRT +200
Digivolution is a super-trans version of DigiDragon, available in BOUT Evolution.


Digivolution is a retextured DigiDragon and thus retains the same body and roughly similar texture detailing, but has an overall much more futuristic and sleeker color scheme.

As opposed to being a winged dragon, Digivolution is more akin to a bipedal lizard or a dinosaur and has a generally hunched over but eager stance. It has stegosaurus plates along the ridge of its back and a sectioned tail, with its deep blue underbody visible through the gaps. Ridges are visible on its pelvic plates.

Majority of its body is a two-toned black and gray, while vibrant deep blue sections provide color accents. A combination of green and blue lighting complete the more futuristic appearance, compared to the original Digidragon.

Further detailing can be seen in the form of Evolution Project logos on the sides of its head, 'actual eyes', the letter 'E' on its shoulders and Gelion Labs being printed on its armguards.


See DigiDragon.


  • Digivolution is the second super-trans pack to be released.
  • The name Digivolution is a reference to the transformation process in the Digimon series to advance a given Digimon's stage.
  • Digivolution originally had a higher attack bonus than other super-transes to emphasize its nature as a highly offensive transformation, but this was later deemed to be overpowered.
  • Digivolution has an unusual appearance for its eyes - the actual eyes are the blue glowing ones higher on the head, while the green glowing ones are intended as compound sensors.
  • Digivolution uses an icon based upon an edited version of the DigiDragon artwork, unlike most of the other new content that uses in-game renders for their icons.
    Digivolution slotv2

    Alternate icon

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